Traumatic experiences SUCK! Your life doesn't have to!

We can help you break free from painful experiences and relationships so you can create the life you want!

Revolutionary Trauma Therapy and Coaching


Our services are created for anyone who refuses to let the impact of trauma win in their lives. We work with individuals and families who have experienced any form of relationship trauma. Our skills shine best with those who have endured childhood abuse/neglect, domestic violence and sexual violation.


In creating a safe and collaborative partnership with our clients, we aspire to design personalized recovery roadmaps that utilize the gold-standards in evidence-based and mindfulness-oriented trauma treatment. Our cutting edge coaching approaches and packages offer a unique spin to the ordinary recovery protocol.


We believe that freedom from trauma is possible for every trauma survivor. It takes a revolution from the ‘old way’ of semi-effective treatment models to embrace and integrate today’s continually expanding knowledge of how trauma impacts our lives. We are creative, savvy, status-quo rebels who strive to set our clients on a path of true trauma recovery, lasting hope and awesome lives!

Your Recovery Transformation

Fear To Safety

Move out of fear into a sense of safety within yourself, your environments and relationships.

Trapped To Free

Integrate trauma experiences so you can break free from debilitating trauma symptoms, painful beliefs and unhelpful patterns.

Disconnected To Mindful

Mindfully reconnect with life, rekindle your sense of purpose and receive fulfillment.

Surviving to Thriving

Transcend survival and thrive in the true version of you by creating the life you desire and standing in your truth.

What is the Revolution?

Our truth says that we are empowered to create a revolution in our lives to break free from the oppressive chains of trauma and forever change the course of our lives – this time, it’s on our terms!

The revolution is a longing, a mindset, and a bold conviction in the belief that you are destined for freedom. The revolution is the creation of an authentic lifestyle of sustainable trauma recovery that defies the status quo, that goes against assumptions, that works fully for you. The revolution is changing the way communities and institutions understand and respond to trauma so that they no longer perpetuate the cycle of pain and stigma, thus becoming empowered to help break the pattern by becoming safe havens for healing and thriving.

The revolution is you. The revolution is me. The revolution is us.

Be a status quo rebel! Begin your revolution now!!

Our Offerings

Click the above image to choose from our wide array of therapeutic and coaching offerings for you, your child or your family.


Trauma therapy and counseling services for tweens, teens and adults. We make it a priority to create a therapeutic experience that is effective, playful and sustainable so you find wholeness and ease.


Dynamic trauma recovery coaching for people who want jumpstart, re-energize or expand their revolution. We offer three unique packages that are sure to inspire you!


We understand how trauma affects the whole family in a variety of ways, regardless of the type of trauma. Our family therapy services help your family heal, and transition from chaos to harmony.


Healing within the safety and comfort of a tribe is invaluable. We love designing super awesome groups and workshops to enhance your recovery revolution!

Recognize. Respond. Break the Pattern.

Transformational training and consultation programs empowering corporate and community leaders to embrace trauma-informed strategies. Through these programs, anyone and everyone can become part of the safe community within which trauma survivors can heal and thrive.

Begin your revolution today!

Some things we are good at

(We are always learning and improving our proficiency in applying evidence-based practices to our clients’ trauma recovery journey)

Safety Planning

EMDR Therapy

Somatic & Expressive Therapies


Experiential Approach

Mindfulness Practices

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Healing comes when we CHOOSE to walk away from darkness and move towards a brighter light” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf