Our Core Principles and Values

  • Revolution Trauma Recovery Services is founded on the belief that freedom from trauma is possible and attainable and that YOU have the innate power to create it.
  • A person’s healing journey is a whole person experience, therefore, a fabulous therapy process is personalized, holistic and sustainable.
  • Connection to self and others is a cornerstone in recovering from trauma & building a meaningful life.
  • It takes heaps of willingness to experience raw emotion, be uncomfortable, let go of old beliefs and patterns, grieve fully, walk into the unknown of recovery, tear down walls & remove masks in order to be present and authentic.
  • Awareness, knowledge and acceptance of: self, others, this moment, your healing process.
  • Being gently nudged toward growth, evolution and transformation keeps you moving forward toward freedom.
  • At Revolution Trauma Recovery Services, safety is held in the highest regard – safety in the room, in the therapeutic relationship, within yourself, in your world.
  • Integrity pertains to: adhering to legal & ethical guidelines, safety in the therapeutic relationship, and the development of evidence-based, holistic trauma counseling services and programs – this is really our vow to you!
  • Hope. Real hope. Lasting hope.

Our Mission

As the company and team expands and evolves, we hope that Revolution Trauma Recovery Services will be a trusted resource for overcomes of relationship trauma and their tribes. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and meaningful products and services for every stage of the recovery journey. Beyond one-to-one therapy and coaching, we plan to enhance your recovery with:

  • eCourses & webinars
  • Toolkits, guides & downloadable worksheets
  • Intensives, retreats & conferences

No matter where you have been or where you are going in your revolution, we will be here to support you and cheer you on!

Robyn Mourning, MS, MFTC

Robyn Mourning, MS, MFTC


Hello you brave revolutionaries! I’m truly honored that you are here. I’ve been where you are. Making the choice to move toward recovery takes courage and resolve. I look forward to teaming up to make your revolution a reality!

Relentless Refuser

I endured trauma. I survived trauma. I overcame. I refuse to let trauma win. To be a relentless refuser, I have had to muster up every ounce of strength and courage, get my hands dirty, make the worthy investments, trust – authentically trust – and never let go of hope. This purpose of this stage of my revolution is to walk alongside yours as I continue to shine in mine. As Glennon Doyle Melton so poignantly described, this work is brutiful (equal parts beautiful + brutal).

Space Holder

In our work together I vow to hold safe and sacred space for you, your pain and your triumph. To hold his space is to provide permission for your revolution to unfold however it needs. Within this space exists all the mess and awe of your healing process.

Dot Connector

One of my superpowers is the ability to see the big picture, the patterns, the context and then connect the dots. This allows me to create meaning and strategy – two important players in any recovery revolution.

Deep Diver

I tend to go deep quickly and linger there for a while. I like to explore under the surface of our psyche and spirits. Okay, well, perhaps I don’t always enjoy it because it can be uncomfortable to churn the soil and shine the light what’s growing down there. But, I almost always find some hidden truths along with the wounded parts that need some TLC – so it is worth it. The two most handy exploration tools to have for going deep are self-trust and a safety rope that connects you with someone or something on the surface.

Vision Catcher

Another one of my other superpowers is that I am a hardcore visionary. This is one of those double-edged swords kind of superpowers. It is exhilarating and exhausting. This also comes with the “shiny object syndrome” as a side effect. As it relates to you, the gift is that this superpower will assist us as we co-create your recovery roadmap!

Social Justice Advocate

I am passionate about social justice and especially how various systemic roots of oppression intersect with perpetration, the perpetuation of violence, the affects of trauma and recovery. Your cultural experiences are important in your trauma experience and revolution.

The big WHY

Why have I spent the last 16 years fighting for freedom? Why have I devoted the entirety of my adult LIFE to my healing and to helping others? Why do I feel this fire in my blood? Why am I flooded with ideas for products and services that steer others toward such bold, powerful, grueling work? Why is this on my mind and in my soul with such potency? Why is it that I can’t let this go? Why is it that every breath, every action, every inspiration serves this passion? Because I refuse, I outright REFUSE to let trauma win in my life and in the lives of others and in our communities.

This is my soul’s work and I honestly adore it! I love holding the space for my clients and all of their pain and suffering. To be a witness to my clients’ power, resilience, determination, vulnerability, struggle, creativity, dreams, hopes and victories is indescribable. I cherish my work and I deeply respect those who come into my office ready to roll their sleeves up and do the hard work. You all are amazing!


I have a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. I am a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate, which means I am gathering the necessary hours required for state licensure. My experience and training has been mostly with individuals and families who have experienced various forms of abuse and/or domestic violence. I have also worked with people who struggle with disordered eating, self-harm behaviors and paralyzing shame.

When I am not working

I am raising my beautiful daughter, laughing with friends, hanging with family, adventuring in the mountains, writing poetry, learning, deepening my spiritual experience, expanding my own trauma recovery, drinking jasmine tea and savoring chocolate & cheese.