Adult Therapy Offerings


Your journey begins where you are

We will join you no matter what part of your journey you are on when you decide that it is time to begin healing. Relationship abuse can be experienced in many ways verbally, sexually, emotionally, financially, physically by anyone in your life: a family member, a friend, a boss, a colleague, a partner/spouse, or a stranger.  Below you will learn about what you can expect while working with me at any point along the way.


Domestic Violence / Intimate Partner Violence

You could be stuck in an abusive relationship and wondering how going to therapy now could help you. Why would you want to talk to a therapist who is just going to judge you for still having a relationship with someone who treats you so badly? Do you really need to hear a stranger tell you to “just leave?” We know, it is not that simple.


Enduring intimate partner violence means that you are in a constant state of fear of real danger. Every move you make is strategic – to keep you, and possibly your children, as safe as possible. Your partner scrutinizes and interrogates your every word, action, intention. You’re always on high alert. You feel powerless, helpless, stressed to the max, and completely alone and unseen.

You will be seen here. Rather than being scrutinized and controlled, you will be supported, respected and valued. The barriers you face everyday will be met with compassion. Your safety will be of upmost importance and we will work together to create a safety plan that will meet your needs should you remain in or leave the relationship. You will be empowered through access to information, resources and community. You will begin to practice healthy stress reduction techniques to help you manage your daily exposure to fear and anxiety.

All other forms of relationship abuse/neglect

This process is similar for you if the abuse or neglect you’re enduring is by a someone other than your partner or spouse. In addition to the safety planning, education, resources, and stress management, you will explore how establishing boundaries can facilitate your healing. It may not be possible for you to leave your job right away, or to avoid your abuser if they are in your circle of friends or family. You will find strength in your ability to set and maintain boundaries that serve limit your exposure to their harm.


If you’re at this point, you are no longer in the abusive relationship and you are just trying to get through the day by simply surviving it.

You’re likely starting to wonder if you will ever feel significantly better. After trying everything that usually works, such as, talking with loving family members, seeking the advice of a trusted friend, reading an armful of self-help books, have you found yourself at a loss with what to do that will actually work? Are you feeling increasingly anxious and unable to remain focused at work or school?  Have you found that fears, flashbacks and shame keep you from engaging in the relationships and activities you once enjoyed?  Maybe the trauma you are battling isn’t from a recent experience; maybe old wounds have been reopened and are causing you much distress.  Perhaps you feel the weight of pain and grief is so heavy that moving through each day is impossible.

You’re doing anything you can to survive the trauma symptoms. Maybe this means you’re numbing the pain and gaining control over your inner chaos through alcohol, drugs, food, sex, isolation, or self-harm (i.e.: cutting), perfectionism. You could have found an effective way to zone out or dissociate from your relationships and life. In oder to feel safe in your world and make sense out of what happened, you may have turned all the blame, hatred and shame on yourself – and perhaps this is what your abuser caused you to do. Anyone who has endured abuse does their best to survive. There is no wrong way to survive. We are just glad you did and that you are reading this.

We don’t have to tell you that this stage can be incredibly challenging and frustrating AND it’s essential to your healing. We provide compassionate and nonjudgemental support in such a way that your healing process is hopeful, meaningful, relevant, effective, safe and sustainable throughout the many aspects of your life. You will be provided with a safe space for your mind, spirit and body to explore and express your personal experience of abuse. You will be guided in discovering what tools and skills are right for you as you resolve your pain and reduce traumatic stress symptoms. Within our therapeutic relationship, you will find yourself {re}creating a genuine connection with your true self and with others. We will cheer you on as you begin to transform your life into the abundantly rich life of which you are worthy. We honor and respect your highly sacred healing journey by appropriatly challenging you, giving you the control of where you go and when you’re ready to move to the next phase, and by fully trusting in your ability to walk this path of healing. We believe YOU are destined for freedom!


The nurturance of thriving skills is the hallmark of the work people do at this stage of healing. Thriving after trauma is this: intimacy, radical acceptance, soulful connection, cultivating joy through gratitude and an expression of the creative power within to nurture fulfilling lives.

After your safety is established and you’ve found freedom from the debilitating after effects of trauma, you can begin to explore the deeper layers of yourself. You are no longer looking at the world and your life through the lens of trauma. For many people, the view can look completely different. During this part of your journey you will intentionally:

  • Fortify your healing to withstand future challenges
  • Shape what safe relationships look like to you
  • Discover your values and design a meaningful, values-driven life
  • Rework thought patterns and belief systems to be in alignment with your truth
  • Deepen intimacy with yourself and others
  • Redefine your sexuality (especially if you’re healing from sexual abuse or assault)

You will transcend trauma: You’re not enduring abuse. You’re not surviving the post-trauma terror. You are thriving!

Ready to get rockin?