The birth of a vision

The Creating Safe Communities Initiative was birthed out of a desire for my clients to have a wide-network of people and organizations with whom they could feel safe as they heal and thrive.

I am energized by working one-to-one with clients and their families, but I wanted my reach to go beyond the one hour session. When I started hearing stories of my clients being re-traumatized out in their communities (mostly by well-intentioned people who just didn’t know how to help or respond to my clients’ pain), I began to hear a new story beating in my heart.

I closed my eyes and watched the story unfold in my imagination. This gently pulsing story was about people who became safe keepers of pieces of my clients’ pain and recovery.  A social landscape of ease and acceptance so my clients’ could go about their lives free of fear re-victimization. Professionals, providers and managers who became containers of security and trust. This story was all about empowered and compassionate people who were willing to stand in courage with my clients to DO and BE whatever they can to break the cycles of abuse in our communities.

This quote from the movie Spotlight sums up the mission of the magical story with near perfection: “If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.” So then, it takes a village to heal the child…the adult…the family…the community.

Yes, I realize that this is a huge mission. There are entire non-profit agencies and coalitions organized around this same mission. But, I too am part of this village and I am willing to dedicate a good chunk of time, expertise and love to this magical, revolutionary mission.

So, I married together my knowledge of how trauma systemically innervates multiple aspects of our lives, communities and institutions with my passion for increasing knowledge and empowerment through training and education. Voilà! The Creating Safe Communities Initiative was brought to life!

Recognize. Respond. Break The Pattern

CSC Dedicated Programs

The Creating Safe Communities Initiative is comprised of select dedicated programs. These programs are targeted to toward specific audiences, professions, and groups of community revolutionaries. Each program will be rolled-out thoughtfully and continually assessed of relevancy, effectiveness and value. Ideas are wonderful, so if you feel a tingle of inspiration for a new Initiative program please share it!

Executive Trailblazers for Corporate Leaders

Create-It-Together (CIT) Programs

Do you manage a team at work? Are you a leader of a non-profit agency? Are you part of a group of friends? Are you wondering HOW you and the teams and people around you can join this Initiative? Do the pre-defined Initiative programs not fit the characteristics and needs of your group or team?
I have wonderful news! We can create your program together, from scratch!
We can create almost any type of program from coffee talks, training sessions, workshops all the way up to campaigns, operational models and policies! Really, our imagination and creativity can take us anywhere.

Common Questions


How will this benefit me or my organization?
To sum it up in one catchy phrase: you will be able to recognize, respond and break the pattern.
  • Signs of abuse
  • Patterns of perpetuation
  • Victim blaming and re-victimization
  • Your own roles, hesitancies, fears and needs
  • Someone in need
  • When/if you can help
So you can…
  • Respond versus react
  • Come from a place of understanding, compassion and knowledge
  • Provide support and intervention while maintaining safety
  • Educate and advocate
  • Implement prevention and supportive organizational infrastructures and policies
To begin to…
Break the pattern of:
  • “I don’t know what to do”
  • “I don’t know what I am looking for,.”
  • “I don’t know what to be aware of.” (huge change happens when we become aware)
  • Helpless inaction
  • Abuse, violence and oppression
How does this benefit survivors of relationship trauma?

Simple. You will become an ally and they will find refuge in that. Where there is refuge, there can be healing.

What is the long-term plan for the Initiative?

The long-term plan for this Initiative is still fuzzy. I’d like to form a team of Creating Safe Community Revolutionaries spreading safety around the globe through specific and intentional programs. These global programs have yet to take form and I am okay with that. For now, the Initiative will grow roots in Colorado. More to come!