Connect & Apply

Gather all the learnings, discoveries, and healing you received during your therapeutic process and connect them together. Bring all of these to life by applying them to the various aspects of your self, relationships, work and play.

Unlock your YOUness

Discover the keys to unlocking the many parts of yourself that were trapped underneath the trauma. Deepen your relationship with yourself and with others more authentically. Be wholly and fully YOU.

Transcend & Shine

Rise far above the pit of trauma. Thrive and shine in your life by actively and creatively designing the life you desire.

Deepen & Rise Trauma Recovery Coaching

Alright, so you have been through the therapeutic process and you have resolved the bulk of your trauma symptoms. You are no longer plagued with the presence of the past in every day moments. You can share your trauma story without feeling overwhelmingly disturbed. You can use healthy and effective coping strategies and you’re pretty happy and free. But, now you’re wondering, “what’s next; is this IT?” We can sense that you already know my answer! NO, of course not! Recovery is SO MUCH MORE than trauma processing and symptom reduction. That is just the beginning!
Let’s pause here and acknowledge that for many of us that initial healing process can be long and grueling and more than enough.
For some of us, after the dust settles and we allow time to pass and live some life as a ‘healed’ person, we begin to feel an itch. We gently scratch the itch and realize that there are some new layers calling our attention. And then it hits us: “Oh great, I have to go back to therapy!” Oh, you giggle huh? We knew we weren’t alone.

Trauma recovery is not a destination it is a journey. We don’t arrive and say, “Yay, I am recovered! My work here is done.” Okay, maybe we say that (we did – and then we learned what recovery actually means). Recovery means that we honor our humanness and the fact that there is only so much we can do at any given time. We heal some wounds, then we live some life…then we heal more wounds and live more life. You get the point.

We are deep, complex creatures and trauma is an insidious haze that can set up shop in the nooks and crannies of our beings. Once we heal one part, we discover new parts that need some TLC. Some of these layers require the assistance of a therapist and that is okay. If you suspect the layers you discovered need therapeutic work, hop on over to our therapy offerings page. We would love to chat about that with you.

If you think that these new layers need – something else, keep reading.

Deepen & Rise is all about stretching your recovery roots and wings. Deepen & Rise is taking the healing that you created during your therapeutic process and bringing it to life. It is applying what you’ve learned, sharpening your strengths, radiating your resilience, shining the light of your truth into the dark spaces within, and breathing your breath of life into the world. Deepen & Rise is the what’s next. On this leg of the trip, you have the opportunity to explore, connect and transcend in the most authentic way. This is the sweet and savory, cherry-on-top part of your recovery journey.

Now that all that trauma is no longer ruling your present moment and darkening your future, you can finally:
  • BE the person you are destined to be
  • DO all the things you couldn’t do when you were weighted down by the past
  • CREATE the relationships you’ve hungered and thirsted for

Deepen & Rise is an expansive, creative, energetic and meaningful program, designed exclusively with YOU in mind and heart.

Plans and Pricing

We have a few exciting options for Recovery Prep packages. We have got an option for brief, group and longer-term Prep support. Take a look at our plans below – one of them has your name written all over it!

Once Monthly

  • One monthly 50-minute session
  • 2 month minimum purchase
  • 30 minute initial strategy call
  • Worksheets, challenges, prompts


  • Eight 50-minute sessions
  • To be used in 3 months
  • Worksheets, challenges, prompts
  • BONUS: values exploration activity


  • Twelve 50-minute sessions
  • To be used in 4 months
  • Worksheets, challenges, prompts
  • BONUS: values exploration activity
  • BONUS: resiliency assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my package?

Absolutely! If you decide that the package you originally purchased was simply not enough goodness for you, you can upgrade or add sessions anytime. Just let us know!

What is your refund policy?

We don’t want you to feel stuck with a package if you feel that our connection isn’t just right, or if life gets in the way. We extend refunds for any unused package sessions. If you are no longer able to utilize our services or are not satisfied with them, then simply send us an email and we will refund any unused sessions. If something comes up that requires that you extend your package timeline, we are willing to work with you to meet your needs as much as we can. Our goal is to create a positive and meaningful experience for our clients.

Will there be homework?

We believe that healing and transformation happen when show up to life willing to do the hard work. The magic and grit and commitment required for the recovery road is cultivated in session with us and while you are incorporating your learnings into your daily lives and relationships. In order to help with this, we will provide you with prompts, worksheets or challenges that are relevant to what you want and need. The assignments given will be purposeful, growth-oriented, and hopefully fun.

Can I transition to a therapy client?

Yes, you can! If you realize part way through your coaching package, that you could really benefit from accessing your recovery through therapy just let us know. There are some caveats to this, but we’ll chat about those one-on-one.

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