Family Therapy Offerings


It is common for parents, like you, and other family members to feel paralyzed and helpless when it comes to helping your child, partner or sibling after a traumatic event. You probably feel like you are scrambling to “fix it,” which leads to unnecessary stress and pressure. You have likely noticed how the traumatic event has created a great shift in how your family functions and operations. You have found yourself and your family feeling exasperated and longing for relief.

The family services are geared toward promoting awareness of the complexities of trauma, traumatic stress, PTSD, and how they are affecting the entire family.  Your family will have a warm and safe place to release the pain, grieve and mend the wounds together. Your family will also learn ways to build and cultivate a secure and restorative family structure and home environment.

Creating a New Family System After Domestic Abuse

The struggle doesn’t disappear immediately after you escape an abusive spouse or partner. In fact, this can one of the most stressful times for you and your children. Family violence is pervasive and weaves its way into sibling relationships, parent-child relationships, the inner workings of your family and how your family interacts with the community. It can be especially challenging if you share custody with your abuser due to their need for power and control. While you do not have control over their choices, you do have control over the type of family system you create with your child(ren) in your home. By engaging in family therapy, you and your child(ren) can discuss and work through the impact of the abuse/violence and find connection and healing as a family. Part of your family’s healing process can also be be reflecting on or reshaping:

  • Roles & boundaries
  • Values
  • Expectations for respect and safety
  • Non-violent communication

In addition to our work together, we may connect your family to local agencies, mental health providers and community resources as appropriate for your needs and goals.


Does it feel like your family is going in several different and opposing directions? Have you noticed that the business of life has but distance between you and your children? Ever wonder what happened to your close-knit family? Maybe your family has experienced a rift due to divorce, job loss, sudden illness or a big move? It can be truly difficult to keep your family functioning well when life gets too busy or complex. Going through big and challenging changes also causes disruption in your family’s well-being.  How can family sessions help your family reconnect and thrive? Here are a few examples of some benefits of family counseling:

  • Your family will learn how to communicate regularly, openly and authentically
  • Together, you’ll establish values that lead your family in the desired direction. You will learn how to work together to make steps toward those values
  • You will build a family structure that promotes equality, fairness, love and safety


Family counseling sessions are uniquely tailored to the needs and make-up of your family. The initial intake session is a time in which I will meet with you (parents/caregivers) to discuss and establish treatment structure, duration and goals. If a traumatic event or domestic abuse has brought your family here, it is beneficial to have a blend of individual and family sessions (can be parent-child, siblings, or the whole family). This blend facilitates optimal healing and growth. Your family sessions may include a variety of therapeutic interventions, such as family play therapy, family sandtray therapy, art activities, role playing, body movement, and thought/behavioral exercises.


  • Length of family sessions are typically 90 minutes
  • We will work with you to establish safe therapy boundaries
  • You and your family decide who participates in family sessions (not exclusive to immediate family members)
  • Together, we will build a family treatment roadmap

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