We love groups as much as chocolate!

Facilitating groups, workshops and classes is so energizing, powerful and fun for us! We see so much beautiful human connection that catalyzes healing like you wouldn’t believe when we lead groups. Your courage to join a group and to be seen, heard, held and supported by other trauma recovery revolutionaries is amazing. The idea of showing up in all your ‘hot mess-ness’ can stir up some discomfort, fear of uncertainty, insecurity and (dare we mention) vulnerability. Oh, the bittersweet taste of vulnerability. Together, we will bravely tip-toe into the cleansing sea of vulnerability and experience healing within the warm embrace of friendship.

We value groups, workshops and classes that make a lasting difference in people’s lives. We like to think outside the box to design experiences that include a variety of techniques, activities and teachings. All of our groups are relevant to relationship trauma prevention, healing and/or awareness.

We have a lot in development behind the scenes, so stay tuned and get ready to jump in!

Current/upcoming events

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Heal the Healers Program

Group support and therapy for trauma therapists dedicated to personal and professional wellness and integrity.

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Gather more details about the upcoming Spring Semester starting on Dec. 1 2016!

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Wellness ~ Integrity ~ Vitality

Art Journaling Open Studio

Let your fun, wild and soulful creative side out. Beautiful journal pages won’t be the only thing you make. Some of the best friendships are made over a cup of coffee and a bottle of gesso!

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Open studio kicks off on Saturday, January 14, 2016!

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My Mixed Family Support Group

Find refuge with other mixed families as you and your family negotiate the joys and challenges of blending race, ethnicity and religion.

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Next family program begins March 29, 2017!

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The Healing Circle Book Club

Joining hands to inspire healing through connection, shared understanding and meaningful action.

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Overview of the Healing Circle Book Club

The Healing Circle Book Club (HCBC) is a therapeutic support group designed to facilitate the healing of trauma wounds caused by relationship trauma. The HCBC is a combination of a Healing Circle (a spiritual practice of sharing trauma experiences to promote healing) and a traditional book club. The power of the HCBC resides in the community and connection cultivated among group members. Safety, mutual respect, willingness, curiosity and authenticity are the core values of the Healing Circle Book Club.

Developing strong, trusting relationships with others is crucial when healing from the painful aftermath of traumatic relationships. Uniting with others along the path of trauma recovery creates a sense of validation, belonging and hope that inspires us to keep going toward freedom.

Cultivating these relationships with ourselves and others as we learn about the impacts of trauma and the tools to recover through various trauma-related books will strengthen our ability to integrate our mind, body and spirit into the wholly restored person we desire to become.

The HCBC is designed to support people impacted by domestic violence, childhood family abuse, sexual trauma and other forms of relationship abuse. Meetings will occur twice-monthly for two hours. Each group member will be given prompts, activities and worksheets to guide reading and apply book contents to their healing process in a meaningful way. Everyone will also receive a journal to record their HCBC experience.

How the clubs work
  • Each book club will focus on one book for the duration of the club.
  • Club length will vary depending on topic, book and types of attendees. In general, clubs will meet 3-10 times as go through the material together in manageable segments. This will be flexible because we may realize we need more or less time as a group to process and heal.
  • Registration closes 48-hours prior to the first meeting of each club. Once the club starts no new members can be added. Registered members are asked to commit to the entire book club. This ensures group safety and cohesion.
  • Clubs may be open to survivors only, loved ones only or tribes (caring community members who want to learn how to better support trauma survivors) only, while other clubs may be open to any combination of people. This will be clearly communicated in the description of each book club.
  • Not all book clubs will be just for adults. There are some lovely parent + child book clubs, and teen peer support book clubs in the works!
  • Some book clubs may have a general focus while others will be more specific to a certain type of trauma, symptom, or recovery method, etc.

$35/meeting/individual; $65/meeting/couple

Full registration requires a $70 deposit; the remaining balance is due by the start of the 2nd meeting. Payment plans may be arranged for eligible participants to help spread the cost of the club across each meeting.

Each member is responsible for purchasing the book club books.

To sign up: contact us here.

Upon registration we will engage in a quick phone consultation so we can learn a bit more about you and your trauma experiences. Because most book clubs will be therapeutic in nature, we will have some brief group intake paperwork for you to complete and return prior to the start of the club.

You may be asking yourself if you are ready for this – the answer is – YES!

Schedule of HCBC clubs

There are currently no upcoming/open HCBC clubs. We will be announcing summer clubs soon!