We love groups as much as chocolate!

Facilitating groups, workshops and classes is so energizing, powerful and fun for us! We see so much beautiful human connection that catalyzes healing like you wouldn’t believe when we lead groups. Your courage to join a group and to be seen, heard, held and supported by other trauma recovery revolutionaries is amazing.

The idea of showing up in all your ‘hot mess-ness’ can stir up some discomfort, fear of uncertainty, insecurity and (dare we mention) vulnerability. Oh, the bittersweet taste of vulnerability. Together, we will bravely tip-toe into the cleansing sea of vulnerability and experience healing within the warm embrace of friendship and refuge.

We value groups, workshops and classes that make a lasting difference in people’s lives. We like to think outside the box to design experiences that include a variety of techniques, activities and teachings. All of our groups are relevant to relationship trauma prevention, healing and/or awareness.

Current/upcoming events

Take a gander at what we have running now. Remember to check back in frequently, or subscribe to our newsletter, so you don’t miss a beat!

Heal the Healers Program

Group support and therapy for trauma therapists dedicated to personal and professional wellness and integrity.

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Gather more details about the upcoming Fall Semester starting on Sept. 26 2017!

Wellness ~ Integrity ~ Vitality

Wild heARTs Workshop

Grab your art journal, a few of your favorite art supplies and join us for an inspiring time of in the wilderness of the Colorado rocks getting igniting your intuitive creativity.

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The next workshop is on Saturday, September 23, 2017!

My Mixed Family Support Group

Find refuge with other mixed families as you and your family negotiate the joys and challenges of blending race, ethnicity and religion.

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Next family program begins October 4, 2017!

Expressive Arts Trauma Recovery Group

A unique and transformative way to supplement your 1:1 therapy work with others who are motivated for healing!

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Group will begin in October 2017! Contact now to enroll!

SoulVoices Group for Persons of Color

Join other people of color in creating a safe space for support in coping with racism, oppression & cultural trauma.

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Group will begin in October 2017! Contact now to enroll!

Birds, Bees & Me!

A relationship skill building group helping Middle & High School kids learn essential keys to healthy dating.

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Tween group will begin in October 2017! Contact now to enroll!

Watch this video to learn a bit more about each group we have going on this Fall!

Call us and we will help you determine the next best step for you or your loved one!

Watch and learn more about the revolutionary groups going on this Fall! Stay til the end to get your free gift!Visit the main groups page to get the full scoop and to download your free gift!👉 http://revolutiontraumarecovery.com/groups/

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