The Calling

Do you feel called to guide physical, emotional and sexual abuse survivors through their trauma recovery revolution? Are you completely in love with your sacred healing work with abuse survivors? Do you feel captivated by your purpose in being a safe, compassionaate and skilled expert in providing top-notch therapy and counseling to individuals, families and communities suffering the impacts of trauma and PTSD? We thought we recognized you. Welcome to Heal the Healers: A Supportive Group Program for Trauma Therapists.

The Challenge

While it is extremely rewarding, working with trauma is hard on the soul and may lead to distress and burnout. This potential reality often leaves healers feeling fearful and, therefore, reactive to how they experience the impacts of being elbow deep in tramatic material. Holding space for traumatized clients, their disturbing stories and their pain can test our own resiliency.

Additionally, many of us are in recovery from our own traumas, which can often be triggered on a regular basis. If you find yourself struggling to ‘let go’ of the gunk you are helping your clients overcome and that is resulting in stress, anxiety, angst, secondary trauma symptoms and reduced clinical capacity and stamina, then it might be time (no, it IS time) to find a new solution.

The Solution

With intentionality and meaningful action you can safeguard yourself and your practice from turmoil and burnout. One of the most protective steps you can take is to surround yourself with people who truly understand what it is like being in your shoes as a trauma therapist. Learning how to leaverage that support system for your personal and professional wellness is where many of you may be struggling.

Heal the Healers is ideal for trauma therapists desiring to prioritize the integrity of their clinical practice by, first, taking good care of themselves. Say “YES” to making proactive and mindful time, energy and financial investments that ensure your wellness, integrity and vitality – join the Heal the Healers community today!

Complete Therapist Wellness

Prioritized Practice Integrity

Program Elements & Objectives


Peer Support

Cultivate & leverage peer relationships to increase sense of connection and belonging, receive encouragement and gain perspective.

Process Pain

Heal vicarious trauma, process your own past trauma that has been brought to the surface, release the pain you’re holding onto.

Build Muscles

Build upon strengths to foster greater resiliency, stamina and clinical capacity. Apply a mindful mindset approach to practice challenges.

Take Good Care

Engage in various therapeutic and coaching strategies to explore your experiences, identify needs and develop a mindful self-care plan.

Program Design

  • The Heal the Healers Program is designed as an ongoing, hybrid process/support group for professional therapists and counselors whose practices are built on treating survivors of violence, abuse and neglect.
  • The Program is intentionally focused on clinicians who treat this specific type of trauma because of the unique aspects of doing this type of therapy – and having that be the bulk of services they provide.
  • Program participants will experience a wide variety of structured and unstructured interventions aimed at meeting program objectives.
  • The Program is created to be highly experiential and dynamic.

Program Structure

  • The structure of Heal the Healers is quite unique and allows for continuous support in a sustainable fashion. The Program is divided into two Semesters.
  • The Fall Semester typically begins in September. The Spring Semester typically begins in February/March. Semesters naturally vary in length.
  • The Program has a built-in summer break. During the summer break, weekly sessions are suspended, but Program participants have the opportunity to attend the summer Heal the Healers Retreat. Non-participants may also come to the Retreat!
  • Retreat details are typically released mid-way through the Spring Semester.
  • Once each Semester begins, enrollment will be closed. Enrollment will be opened prior to the start of a new Semester.
  • Group sessions are held weekly for 90 minutes each.
  • Payment for each Semester of enrollment may be paid in full or in recurring monthly installments.

Experience greater fulfillment and satisfaction

Enroll Now For The Upcoming Fall 2017 Semester

The Fall 2017 Semester beings Tuesday September 26, 2017 and goes through Tuesday November 14, 2017

Theme: The Fall Semester will guide you into a deeper awareness and understanding of your unique trauma exposure responses. We will explore the self-tending practices that work to reduce the negative impact of trauma exposure. We will harness the power of meaningful relationships to increase our confidence, resiliency and healership.

Frequency: Every Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm (Flexible if majority of participants need an alternate time)

Location: 6363 West 120th Ave, Suite 306, Broomfield, CO 80020

Breaks: This semester will end the week before Thanksgiving so there will not be any breaks.

Available Pricing Options

The Fall 2017 Semester consists of 8 weekly sessions at $45.00 per session.
Pay in Full

Don’t give payment a second thought,
pay for the full semester in advance.*

*Refunds subject to terms set forth in the Program Agreement
Monthly Installments

Take the stress out of it and set up
2-monthly payments of:*

*Refunds subject to terms set forth in the Program Agreement
Participating in the Heal the Healers Program is a worthy business investment. Talk to your accountant about how your investment can be expensed appropriately.

Need more convincing?

This is how you will benefit from joining:


Soulful Peer Support
Heal Vicarious Trauma
Build Self-Care Rituals


High Client Care
Burnout Prevention
Mindset Mastery



Sounds amazing, right? Why wait? Join now!

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Future Heal the Healers Groups and Events

Winter Intensive

In between the Fall 2017 Semester and the Spring 2018 Semester, we will host a one-day intensive workshop that will knock your socks off! We will share all the juicy details with you as they unfold this fall! The winter intensive will be open to all trauma specialists who desire to come, not just those who are enrolled in the Fall/Spring semester groups.

Spring Semester 2018

Spring Semester 2018 will kick off in March and will last 10 weekly sessions. The focus of the Spring Semester will be fresh and new so that those in the Fall program will only deepen their experience, should they wish to continue in the program. Enrollment for the Spring semester will begin after the new year.

Summer Retreat 2018

We will make full use of our summer break! We will be collaborating with trauma healers across the country to put on an amazing, rejuvenating and FUN summer retreat! We are still in the process of pulling the retreat deets together, so seriously stay tuned! The summer retreat will be open to all types of trauma healers – psychotherapists, counselors, body workers, medical professionals, case workers – anyone who is devoted to healing the wounds left behind by violence, abuse and neglect.

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