Get Unstuck

Get out of your recovery rut. Overcome ‘thinking’ obstacles. Redefine your beliefs about your recovery and your role in creating your revolution.

Orient Toward Growth

Break out of the mold of the fixed mindset. Harness the power of your mind, body, spirit connection to water the seeds of resilience, flexibility and possibility. Spark your post-trauma growth with presence and mindfulness.

Master your mindset

Learn and utilize the four cornerstones of a vibrant recovery mindset. Align your mindset to your values, goals and passions. Making continual adjustments to your recovery mindset along the way will assist you in creating sustainability, stamina and synergy.

Trauma Recovery Mindset Mastery Coaching

Are you feeling a little disappointed in your recovery process? Perhaps it is not going the way you anticipated and you keep getting stuck on how healing is ‘supposed’ to go. Have you had the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk with your therapist as you confront your stuckness? Have you noticed that you don’t practice the coping skills or complete the therapy homework your therapist assigns? We are willing to bet you may have even had the dreaded, “this isn’t working; maybe healing isn’t for me,” thought. If any of that sounds like you, then you could be stuck in a fixed mindset. The trauma recovery process is anything but fixed or finite. When your mindset or outlook is locked in on believing ONE WAY about recovery, your revolution may come to a halt, leaving you feeling perplexed and angry.
  • If something is not clicking…
  • If you keep bumping your head on the beliefs that you can’t heal or change or thrive…
  • If can’t wrap your head around how to get this recovery revolution to work FOR you…
  • If you constantly feel stuck in hopelessness and frustration in your process…

Let’s recalibrate your mindset toward growth!

The Four Cornerstones of a Vibrant Recovery Mindset



An invitation for your whole self to take part. Mindset includes your thinking center as well as your heart and body centers.



Incorporating mindfulness into your recovery mindset involves operating from a place of present moment awareness, authenticity, intentionality, grace & openness.



Recovery is an experience that is experimental; you can tinker around, you can get lost in the creative process of creating healing, you can give yourself permission to dream and imagine, and, well, actual play and having fun is the life-blood of this work.



A flexible structure and set of beliefs, expectations, goals that promote growth over the long haul. This leaves space for alternate ways to experience and expand recovery. It involves a recognition that the process naturally varies in speed, intensity, frequency and form. An outlook that allows healing to evolve as you do (as you experiment, learn, and adapt), so that as you heal, you generate more healing energy.

Plans and Pricing

We just gave you the WHAT of recovery mindset, now, let’s roll up our sleeves and delve into discovering HOW you can master your mindset! Yes!?

Once Monthly

  • One monthly 50-minute session
  • 2 month minimum purchase
  • 30 minute initial strategy call
  • Worksheets, challenges, prompts


  • Eight 50-minute sessions
  • To be used in 3 months
  • Worksheets, challenges, prompts
  • BONUS: values exploration activity


  • Twelve 50-minute sessions
  • To be used in 4 months
  • Worksheets, challenges, prompts
  • BONUS: values exploration activity
  • BONUS: Resiliency assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my package?

Absolutely! If you decide that the package you originally purchased was simply not enough goodness for you, you can upgrade or add sessions anytime. Just let us know!

What is your refund policy?

We don’t want you to feel stuck with a package if you feel that our connection isn’t just right, or if life gets in the way. We extend refunds for any unused package sessions. If you are no longer able to utilize our services or are not satisfied with them, then simply send us an email and we will refund any unused sessions. If something comes up that requires that you extend your package timeline, we are willing to work with you to meet your needs as much as we can. Our goal is to create a positive and meaningful experience for our clients.

Will there be homework?

We believe that healing and transformation happen when show up to life willing to do the hard work. The magic and grit and commitment required for the recovery road is cultivated in session with us and while you are incorporating your learnings into your daily lives and relationships. In order to help with this, we will provide you with prompts, worksheets or challenges that are relevant to what you want and need. The assignments given will be purposeful, growth-oriented, and hopefully fun.

Can I transition to a therapy client?

Yes, you can! If you realize part way through your coaching package, that you could really benefit from accessing your recovery through therapy just let us know. There are some caveats to this, but we’ll chat about those one-on-one.

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