My Mixed Family

Support group for couples and families blending race, ethnicity and religion who

Feel isolated from other mixed
families, yet hope to create a
strong community together

Desire to bring together their
cultural norms, values & traditions
in meaningful ways that foster
greater family harmony

Support their children in forming
their multicultural identity

Have experienced family or
community disapproval,
rejection or discrimination and
need a safe and supportive
place to talk & heal

Six Week Family Program

Celebrating Diversity and Unity

Affordable $240 Investment

Empower yourself, your family & your community

What Your Investment Entails

  • A series of six group sessions 75-90 minutes in length for you, your partner AND your children
  • Each session includes supportive discussion, topic prompts and fun activities
  • Weekly “take it home” prompts to help your family continue the process in-between sessions
  • As needed coaching calls in-between sessions

Benefits of Joining the My Mixed Family Group

Create a stronger, more rich family unit that
honors the many beautiful aspects of your
cultural diversity with shared values & goals

Grow meaningful relationships with other mixed families who understand

Experience a greater sense of empowerment
within yourself, your family and your community

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi, I am Robyn, your My Mixed Family group facilitator. I am the daughter of a Norwegian American mother and an African American father. Like any other biracial person, I have constantly straddled two racial realms. I grew up feeling out-of-place in my community. Most people I knew were all the way White. A few were all the way Black or Latinx or Asian. Notice the emphasis on the “all the way.”

My family didn’t talk about being mixed. I didn’t know how I “should” form my cultural identity. I decided that I would act and be White. I fooled myself for a long time. People in my school, work and social worlds weren’t.

Some of the “perks” of being biracial is being seen as “exotic” and “mysterious” and being subjected to the curiosities of others.

I didn’t know who to go to or how to even begin talking about my experiences and reactions to other’s scrutiny of my racial identity. My parents didn’t have a script or strategy either. Our family was one of many who just didn’t know how.

When I committed myself to social justice, I began to unpack this “all the way” issue I had. I desperately wanted to fit into the Black community. I longed to belong to the White community. I am not, and will never be, all the way White or Black. I am both. So, obviously profound right? Many people have told me, “your skin tone doesn’t determine where you belong.” Yes it does, in part.

For a multiracial person and family, it isn’t about skin tone. It starts there, but goes deep into the blood and sinews of the lived experiences of being a person of color in our society.

So where do I belong? With other multicultural people! This was a big “ah ha!” moment for me. Here’s the fantastic news: there are SOOOOO many of us! This tribe is abundant.

Here is where you come in. I want to be a thread that strings you, your family and your multicultural tribe together. The My Mixed Family group is my way of starting this woven tapestry. Come, be a part of this beautiful group and be free to be ALL THE WAY YOU!

The next program begins

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Time: 6-7:30pm

Where: 6363 W. 120th Ave, Suite 306, Broomfield, CO 80020

Details: For families with middle & high school aged children. We will have other programs for families with younger children and families that don’t have children in the home. We will announce those when they launch!

Registration: You must contact us to register. We will have a quick phone consult and there will be some paperwork to complete. Your registration is confirmed upon payment.

Payment: Payment may be made in full or in two installments. The first installment is taken at the time of registration. The second will be taken one month following the initial payment.

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