Welcome to Revolution Trauma Recovery Services!

(Formerly Metropolitan Counseling and Consulting)

The last five months of refining, repositioning, creating, formalizing and then rebranding have been awesome. The vision for this rebrand started at the very end of 2015 when expansion plans came to a divine halt. I won’t go into all the gritty details, but it’s been challenging in ways that have tested my willingness, stretched my capacity to dream and do, and to grow out of painful and frustrating beliefs that don’t serve me (but are so hard to let go of).

Revolution Trauma Recovery Services is built on a steady foundation, and structured in a way that fosters organic growth and expansion. Obviously, you all can’t see behind the velvet curtain or peek at the business plan, so you’re going to have to trust me on this one.

Revolution Trauma Recovery Services will flourish into a one-stop-shop anyone who is in recovery from childhood abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault, or any other form of relationship trauma. Creating a lifestyle of sustainable trauma recovery takes a tribe of people who love and support you – and who get it. I would love for you to invite Revolution Trauma Recovery into your tribe. No matter where you have come form, where you are now or what your destination is, we will have products and services to fan the flame of your recovery revolution!

Hang tight as I transfer old blog posts to the new site. I did not want that to hold back the launch any longer!

I am excited for this new chapter in the evolution of the business and to share in this with YOU!