Be informed & aware

Become knowledgeable on what a great trauma therapy involves. Learn what styles and approaches are a good fit for your personality, needs and goals. Be aware of what financial, time, energy and support investments you will need to ensure a safe and sustainable recovery.

Prepare for the journey

Take empowered steps toward creating an outline of your recovery roadmap. Get yourself and the various aspects of your life ready for the journey. Put systems in place that will support you as you begin.

Reach your destination

Effective preparation will help you navigate your journey with greater awareness of potential obstacles. You will be able to be agile and flexible as the roadmap changes. Increase your chances of staying on the path of your revolution and reach your recovery goals.

Trauma Recovery Preparation Coaching

What? You have never heard of anyone hiring a coach to prepare them for the trauma therapy process? Well, neither have we! And this creates a huge gap in the healing process. We hear stories of too many people not attaining the healing they desire because “therapy just didn’t work.” Naturally, there are many reasons why people may experience a ‘failed’ therapy experience, but we truly believe that a lack of understanding and preparedness is one of the big kahunas.

You are here! You are intrigued about what this Prep Package could mean for you and your life! You want someone to give you the low-down on the general therapeutic process and what it is that you will need to do in order to set yourself up for a successful recovery revolution! We so deeply want you to have the freedom you deserve so that you can create an amazing life in the aftermath of relationship trauma.

Runners don’t compete in a marathon without doing a series of conditioning runs! Climbers don’t sign up for a Mt. Everest adventure without first tackling the local trails. It only makes sense that you would also engage in a prep process for the biggest, most transformative journey of your life!

As trauma therapists we know what you need to know! As your trauma recovery coach, we will help you get to the place where you feel confident and prepared to embark on your sacred therapy process.

Plans and Pricing

We have a few exciting options for Recovery Prep packages. We have got an option for brief, group and longer-term Prep support. Take a look at our plans below – one of them has your name written all over it!

Express Prep

  • Small group class
  • 3 member minimum, 5 max
  • 3 hour intensive session
  • Via Skype or in-preson for local members


  • Four 50-minute sessions
  • To be used in 2 months
  • Coaching about the prep process
  • Worksheets
  • Follow through strategies
  • BONUS: recovery mindset intro


  • Eight 50-minute sessions
  • To be used in 3 months
  • Coaching through the prep process
  • Worksheets
  • Follow through strategies
  • BONUS: recovery mindset framework

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my package?

Absolutely! If you decide that the package you originally purchased was simply not enough goodness for you, you can upgrade or add sessions anytime. Just let us know!

What is your refund policy?

We don’t want you to feel stuck with a package if you feel that our connection isn’t just right, or if life gets in the way. We extend refunds for any unused package sessions. If you are no longer able to utilize our services or are not satisfied with them, then simply send us an email and we will refund any unused sessions. If something comes up that requires that you extend your package timeline, we are willing to work with you to meet your needs as much as we can. Our goal is to create a positive and meaningful experience for our clients.

Will there be homework?

We believe that healing and transformation happen when show up to life willing to do the hard work. The magic and grit and commitment required for the recovery road is cultivated in session with us and while you are incorporating your learnings into your daily lives and relationships. In order to help with this, we will provide you with prompts, worksheets or challenges that are relevant to what you want and need. The assignments given will be purposeful, growth-oriented, and hopefully fun.

Can I transition to a therapy client?

Yes, you can! If you realize part way through your coaching package, that you could really benefit from accessing your recovery through therapy just let us know. There are some caveats to this, but we’ll chat about those one-on-one.

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