Trauma Recovery for Individuals

We will join you no matter what part of your journey you are on when you decide that it is time to begin your healing revolution. Choosing to start or rejuvenate your recovery journey is deeply sacred and personal. We hold your courage in great regard – this is a process we do not take lightly. We will create a process that connects your deeply painful experiences to your innate capacity to heal so that you experience the freedom you have been longing for, of which you are so worthy!

Trauma recovery therapy requires that we both put forth a great deal of willingness, trust and compassion – and grit. Your revolution beckons you to hold fast and hold on. Taking your life back is hard work, work that you must commit to in order to receive your full healing. Creating your lifestyle of sustainable trauma recovery means that you adopt a recovery mindset grounded in the belief that you are destined for wholeness and freedom. This mindset allows you to envision and map out where you want to go and how you plan to get there – this is where sustainability comes into play. If your healing process is not sustainable, you will burn out and shut it down. In order to help you choose and embrace your recovery everyday, we will do our best to make recovery motivating, effective, authentic to you, playful and real.

Therapy is part of this journey, but there are many other ways you can experience the fullness of your recovery revolution. Together, we will take a mindful approach to cultivating your recovery. We have full faith in you – you have made it this far, which tells me that you can do this! So, let’s get started on your trauma recovery revolution!

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No Judgement. No Agenda.

We hear, time and time again, that many people enduring intimate partner abuse/violence feel concerned that they will be pressured to ‘just leave’ the relationship. Many have stated that they felt judged had they not done so. We understand the many barriers to escaping or ending an abusive relationship. While we truly hope you become free of your abusive relationship, we know it’s not always possible or desired. We have no judgement or agenda. The safety and wellbeing of you and your children (if any) are our top priority. Sometimes the safest option (for a while) is to stay. We are experts in creating thoughtful and thorough safety plans to help you through staying and leaving.

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Tweens & Teens

Raising a tween or teen who is struggling with today’s social and academic pressures is super challenging. Add trauma to the mix and it becomes overwhelming. Finding a skilled therapist might not be too hard, but convincing your tween/teen to go could feel like super frustrating. The struggle is real. A therapist that really jives with your chid is essential – or in the words of your child, “high key legit.” Involving them in the process of finding the right therapist is the best way for you to get their ‘buy in’ while keeping your sanity. We love working with this age group and we think we’re pretty good at it. We have a lot more to say about our stance on tween/teen therapy so click that button down there to learn more.

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Trauma Recovery for Families

Nobody experiences trauma in isolation, and healing occurs within refuge relationships – relationships that provide safe harbor for the pain to transform into peace. This transformation can often be demanding and draining on relationships and family units, especially when the trauma impact is felt by everyone. Trauma has quite the ripple effect!

As trained and experienced family therapists, we can help your family connect in ways that strengthen your bonds as this powerful recovery unfolds. Family recovery revolutions take on a variety of characteristics based on the trauma experienced within the system. Let’s figure out what yours will look like!

Creating a New Family System After Domestic Violence

The struggle doesn’t disappear immediately after you escape an abusive spouse or partner. In fact, this can one of the most stressful times for you and your children. Family violence is pervasive and weaves its way into sibling relationships, parent-child relationships, the inner workings of your family and how your family interacts with the community. It can be especially challenging if you share custody with your abuser due to their need for power and control. While you do not have control over their choices, you do have control over the type of family system you create with your child(ren) in your home. By engaging in family therapy, you and your child(ren) can discuss and work through the impact of the abuse/violence and find connection and healing as a family. Part of your family’s healing process can also be be reflecting on or reshaping:

  • Roles & boundaries
  • Values
  • Expectations for respect and safety
  • Non-violent communication

In addition to our work together, we may connect your family to local agencies, mental health providers and community resources as appropriate for your needs and goals.

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Therapy Fees & Payment

Individual (Child/Teen/Adult) Sessions: $120/hr*
Family Sessions: $180/90min*
Phone Sessions (30 Minutes): $50**
Phone Sessions (60 Minutes): $120**
Groups & Workshops: varied

*Sliding scale available for lower-income individuals/families
**Non-emergency phone sessions only.

Insurance not accepted, but clients may submit receipts for reimbursement.  Clients may also use HSA funds to cover cost of services at MCC.

Payment due at time of service.

Cancellation Policy: Clients must give 24-hours notice to cancel or reschedule a session. Missed sessions will result in being charged the full rate of the session.

Cash, check and credit/debit card accepted via PayPal.

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