Intuitive Art Journaling in the Wild!

When: Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

Location: Meyer Ranch Park, Morrison, CO

Grab your art journal and a few of your favorite mediums and supplies and join us for a wild experience in the hills of Morrison, Colorado!

Life can get wild. The stress of the day-to-day can run wild through our bodies and keep us from enjoying the moment. Sometimes we can get lost in the wilderness of our own “stuff.” All of this can cause us to feel disconnected from our own hearts, purpose and passions.

The Wild heARTs workshop will bring you on a journey back to your heart through the healing powers of nature and intuitive art journaling. 

  • The wilderness holds no judgments or expectations.
  • The solid mountain terrain offers strength and grace big enough to hold our whole heart and all the stuff we are lugging around.
  • The tree-lined trails guide us through a process of compassion and grit.
What a wonderful place to meet ourselves in our art journals!

Through a series of empowering prompts and exercises, you will:

  • release the weight of stress and discomfort
  • connect with nature, others and yourself, so you can
  • {re}discover your true, wild heart within
Sounds amazing, right!? I know! If you’re jazzed and ready to go, then go ahead and reserve your spot now!

Find yourself in the Wild

Workshop Benefits

How will this workshop bring you back to your true, wild heart?


Get it out

Art journaling can be used just like a traditional written journal – to get whatever is in your head, out


Express hard stuff

Making art helps to feel and express emotions or events that are overwhelming in a less intense way


No words? No problem!

When you don’t have words for something, art making helps you process the non-verbal parts of whatever you’re experiencing


A smoother ride

Making art can help your brain bring roller coaster ride emotions into a smoother rhythm


Reduce stress

Getting creative helps the body relax and reduce stress responses & doing it in nature helps us feel grounded and centered


It is fun

It’s fun! The opposite of depression is play! Art making is very playful!

FAQ – What to Expect

What’s included in registration
  • 3-hour workshop program activities and professional facilitation
  • Facilitator will bring some basic art journaling supplies and cleaning materials for participants to use during the workshop
  • An awesome experience art journaling in the mountains

What is art journaling

  • An art journal is a visual journal. Rather than solely using words to write out thoughts, feelings or expereinces, art journalers make art to have a conversation with themselves. An art journal can be made up of all kinds of art, like, paintings, drawings, photography, poetry, collage, mixed media items – you name it!
  • There are many ways to use art journaling in your life. There is no right or wrong.
  • If you want to learn more about art journaling in general, please feel free to contact me! I’d be happy to chat more.
Do I have to already be an art journaler to attend
  • Nope! People with all art journaling experience levels are welcome. This workshop will not be focused on technique or how “good” your art looks.
Will there be hiking involved
  • Yes! But just a little bit. We will meet in the public parking area and, together, we will hike up a little ways to ‘our spot’
  • Participants do not need to be seasoned hikers, but please make sure you are physically able to participate safely.
What will I need to bring
  • Your art journal and a few of your fav tools and mediums. Since we will be in the wilderness, we will not have access to electricity to remember that when choosing your materials. This will be a fun way to try something new if you’re used to using acrylics, pastes and gels (like me!).
  • Check out our video describing what materials you could bring! Click here to watch!
  • Proper clothing and shoes (i.e.: sneakers/hiking shoes, layers, jacket, hat, etc)
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, water, snacks, allergy meds if needed
  • Backpack to carry art journal, materials and necessary items mentioned above
  • Your open, willing, vibrant heart!
More about the location
  • Meyer Ranch Park is easily accessible from Hwy 285
  • There are a variety of trails and places for us to set up shop (we won’t go super far)
  • We will meet in the parking lot off of South Turkey Creek Road: 10508 S. Turkey Creek Rd.
    Morrison, CO
  • Here is the park website if you’re curious to learn more:

Waken your intuitive creativity

Workshop Pricing

Pay in Full


*Refunds not available

Participating in the Wild heARTs Workshop is not a substitute for mental health diagnosis or treatment. Each participant is required to sign an event waiver detailing the objectives and limitations of this workshop.

Come back to your true, wild heart!

Sounds amazing, right? Reach out if you have questions!

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